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Dual Zone Monitor with SCI
Model CHQ-DZM(SCI) is a Dual Circuit Zone Controller designed to allow up to 60 conventional detectors (30 on each zone) to be interfaced to Hochiki's ESP analogue addressable system. The unit features a Schottky Diode line continuity option, when used inconjunction with the optional LCMU. Full monitoring against malfunction or disconnection, together with a self-test feature through the ESP protocol, ensure the integrity of the CHQ-DZM(SCI) at all times. The CHQ-DZM(SCI) utilises simple DIL switches for reliable addressing.It is available as an OEM version (as illustrated above) and also as a DIN Rail mountable module (CHQ-DZM/DIN(SCI)). Both models feature an integral short-circuit isolator. NOTE: When Resistive EOL option is chosen the conventional zone on the CHQ-DZM(SCI) does not support any line continuity options, therefore if Call Points are being interfaced they should be wired at the beginning of the zone.
Estimated Despatch (29/05/19)


  • Single loop address
  • Supports two independent zones of conventional detectors
  • Both zones fully monitored for short/open circuit
  • Requires an auxiliary 24 VDC supply
  • DIN rail version available
  • Both models feature an integral short-circuit isolator
  • Approved by LPCB
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